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Study Medicine and/or Dentistry in leading Colleges:

Why Medicine:
The practice of Medicine offers a breadth of experiences that it is impossible to find in any other subject. Every day brings different patients with different needs.

It’s a great choice for scientists who strive to understand and apply research findings to improve the lives of the patients in their care. It offers a meaningful career that, if we’re being frank, is prestigious, secure and relatively well-paid.

However, practicing Medicine can be arduous, stressful, frustrating and bureaucratic and it’s not suited for everyone. You need to be sure that Medicine is the right choice for you. These pages will help you work that out, but there’s no better way to find out for sure than by gaining insight of medical practice by seeing it in action and talking to those who provide healthcare. Studying Medicine because that is what is expected of you is never a good idea: make sure that your motives for choosing to do so are well-reasoned.

Why Dentistry:
Dentistry, a lucrative profession, is concerned with all health problems afflicting the mouth, teeth, gums and other hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity. It is accepted as a professional field which includes dental care and correction. Dentists help people maintain their health and appearance and also educating patients about oral hygiene and ways to preserve a healthy mouth and prevent dental problems.

Dentistry is changing rapidly, creating many opportunities and challenges. To an extent, it includes cosmetology where corrective treatment is involved. Dentists improve patients' appearance by using a wide variety of cosmetic dental procedures. These days, dentists are assuming very important roles in the whole healthcare system, with an increasing awareness of the importance of oral health and the introduction of new fields.

Dentists or dental surgeons provide surgical, medical and other forms of treatment for oral and dental disorders and diseases by examining teeth and mouth of the patients. They treat a diverse group of patients in a variety of settings using a variety of techniques and procedures.

Seats are available in all leading Medical and Dental colleges of the country for the session 2015-16 under management quota.

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Important Dates:

Apply Online for MD, MS & MDS 2015
Combined Counseling: 28 February
Application Last date: 25 February

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